Masking the Environment

The recent events due to the outbreak of Covid – 19 virus has clearly demonstrated that the Human Way of Life has some flaws. Our interaction with Environment is unilateral and this has to change over a period of time.

As soon as the news broke out about the Covid – 19 virus and its potential impact, there was a high demand for face masks globally and rightly so as prevention is better. World over, there was a shortage immediately, until many countries and entrepreneurs stepped in to fill the gap.

However, when it comes to their disposal, Wong Chen Seong, a consultant at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, said that improperly discarded masks, especially those that are soiled or have a “large amount of respiratory secretions” on them, could be a potential health hazard should others come in contact with it.

The use of masks is definitely helping in the short term and it is to be seen if it will be another source of Hazardous waste in the long term. And what measures can be taken to eliminate or segregate this, is a challenge for all of us and at The Recycling Company we are also finding answers to this challenge.

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